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    Aqua Cherry is a Riff Reggae band out of Port Jefferson, NY.  The band consists of Chad (vocals), Cortney (vocals), Stu (bass), Bryan (guitar/vocals), and John (drums).  Aqua Cherry currently has three studio albums released, as well as a new EP, “The Sum of Love”, released this past Friday.  Over the years, the band has adopted more of a Reggae Rock sound that is clearly evident on the new EP.  “The Sum of Love” is an instant classic and will be your anthem for Summer 2019!  

    Aqua Cherry is another power house Reggae band out of Long Island, NY.  With each release, the band gets better and better.  It is clear that on “The Sum of Love”, Aqua Cherry has perfected their sound and is ready to take the scene by storm!  The theme of the EP is exactly what you expect it to be; love.  I got the chance to speak with Chad at the EP release show and he shared his views on the album.  Love is exactly what we need in this world.  Hate and anger is all that is perpetuated in the news/media now.  You rarely hear a story of hope, love, courage, etc.  Because of this, our society has turned into a breeding ground for hate.  Aqua Cherry’s goal is to remind everyone of the power of love!

    The Sum of Love” starts of with the title track.  I love this song as the start of the EP because it gives off those summer vibes that everyone is in need of.  Sum of Love comes with the classic reggae instrumental that is infectious and will have you dancing the entire time.  This is a song that you’re dancing and singing along to whether you in your car, a backyard bbq, the beach, or a party! “I call her endless love, she’s everything”.  


    Aqua Cherry continues with Straight to the Top, one of my favorite songs on the EP.   I love the message behind this song.  It tells you to not give up, to always strive to be the best that you can be.  No one should settle for anything, you have to keep grinding until you reach your goals.  The lyrics within the chorus will resonate with anyone that listens.  “Straight, straight, straight to the top, we’re living this life not just dreaming it, we’re doing it for real.  Straight, straight, straight to the top, working hard every day just to live a better way”.   In addition to Chad’s awesome vocals, the instrumentals on this song are amazing.  The fast paced drumming that pairs perfectly with the guitars will have your feet moving the entire time.  The jam that begins in the middle of the song and continues on will be a fan favorite!

    Despite every song on this EP being a classic, there are two more songs that stuck out to me; Make It and BleachinMake It slows down the pace of the EP with soft guitar chords and gentle drumming.  The perfect sound to sway along and sing to!  What I really like about this is how Aqua Cherry was able to show off their diverse talents.  Cortney’s vocals really stand out and match perfectly with ChadCortney shows off her talents on the second verse where she sings her heart out and sounds pristine!  Make It reminds me of a song that would be performed on Sugarshack Sessions.  It’s only a matter of time before Aqua Cherry gets on there!  Bleachin ft. Oogee Wawa is the other song that stands out to me.  This song is going to be the summer anthem that you hear everywhere you go!  The fun, upbeat approach that Aqua Cherry took with this song is exactly what the Reggae Rock fan base needs.  Expect to hear this song at every event you are at this summer!  


    Aqua Cherry blew me away with this release.  I knew they were good, but they far exceeded my expectations.  I rarely like every song on a project, but I can’t find one thing I dislike about “The Sum of Love”.  Make sure you follow Aqua Cherry and check out songs from the new EP on the blog’s Spotify playlist: After Hours Review!