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    A couple of weeks ago, the world saw the release of arguably one of my favorite local prog-core albums to date: “Creation: A” by More Of Myself To Kill is a must-listen for fans of soul-crushing vocals, fantastically complicated riffs, and a wicked concept to boot. Their album release show yesterday most certainly sealed the deal for me: the boys in More Of Myself To Kill truly put their heart, soul, and even blood (not pictured, but during their live introduction of “Circus on a Cloud”, you could see frontman Jake stumble into and on top of Revolution’s stage covered head to chest in blood which not gonna lie was pretty fucking rad) into this album and is very clearly well received by many. I can tell that this is only the beginning of what I hope to be a slew of awesome albums by these guys and I cannot wait to see what they put out next!

    More Of Myself To Kill is a four-piece group based in Ronkonkoma, New York. “Creation: A” is their first album released of a soon-to-be multi-part concept piece that follows the story of Patient Zero, a failed government experiment in which a multiple personality serum is forcefully injected to him. “Creation: A” describes the side effects and aftermath of our protagonist receiving an overdose of this serum, struggling to survive against his multiple inner personalities while being hunted by the doctors and scientists trying to recapture him.

    What made me really enjoy this album is the fact that from beginning to end there’s a story that accompanies the entire album. Each Audio Log tells another part of the story of our protagonist, Patient Zero, and piecing this story together brought me back to the days when I put hours into the Bioshock series on my laptop, searching every corner and dishevelled piece of furniture for audio diaries to figure out what the fuck was going on with the world and the protagonist. Though this is not their first release which features some sort of underlying concept or story behind it, you could tell that a lot of thought and time and effort has been put into making this album as completely immersive as can be. “Creation: A”’s Audio Logs also make for fantastic intros to each song, like a calm before storm of diving into the slowly-deteriorating mind of Patient Zero.

    My favorite song on this album has to be “Patient Zero”. Though the song has been released by More Of Myself To Kill previously, you could really tell that this band has really elevated their sound over the years. With lyrics like “I refuse to take the passenger seat of my own fucking body” and guitar riffs that feel like they’re bouncing all across your eardrums make for an instant add to any of your hardcore playlists.

    Even if you’re not completely into the whole science-fiction story as much as I am, you could really appreciate how complex and excellent the lyrics are. Every single lyric in this album is intricately constructed to make you see the world through the eyes of someone just struggling to survive and understand what is going on with the world around and inside of them. I’m a failure, but why? Who am I and what have I become? Am I crazy or is this normal? It’s a freaky and near-hellish rollercoaster ride you willingly want to endure again and again.
    My best advice for listening to “Creation: A” is to find the best surround sound speakers you have and give yourself the full hour to listen to the album. Though the album does only run for about forty minutes, you’ll definitely need that extra twenty to recover from the complete audio-fuckery you’ll have experienced. If this is only the first part of the journeys of Patient Zero, then I absolutely cannot wait for what these boys put out next in this series. Congratulations, More Of Myself To Kill, on an an amazing album!

    Stream “Creation: A” on all your preferred streaming services now and be sure to follow them on social media to find out where they’ll be playing next!