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    Long Island’s Progressive Rock band, Dino Skatepark is an awesome band.  They have put out countless hits that proved that they had the talent to stick around.  I’ve enjoyed everything they’ve released, but I’ve been waiting for a project that makes them stand out, something that puts them ahead of the game.  “Patchwork”, Dino Skatepark’s new release, is a five track powerhouse EP!  They went above and beyond my expectations and proved they aren’t just messing around.  Their heavy Pop Punk and Ska influences shine on this project and create an infectious sound.  With this amazing new release under their belts, Dino Skatepark is here to take over the Long Island music scene!

    Patchwork” is my favorite new release of this month.  There isn’t a song on this EP that I dislike.  I had the chance to speak to Kieran Franzone (bass/backing vocals) about the EP.  “We’ve been working on and playing these songs for a few years now and the new line up created a drive for us to really revolutionize and push our style.”  I couldn’t agree more.  This EP comes with a heavier, edgier sound than we are used to hearing from Dino Skatepark.  This sound adds so much depth to music the band creates.  Kieran continued, “every song on “Patchwork”  revolves around emotional baggage.  Everyone has a different way of handling things and each song takes a look into those different perspectives.” 

    Dino Skatepark starts “Patchwork” with Green Tea.  The song starts off with an upbeat sound and transitions to the light hearted Pop Punk sound with heavy undertones.  Something I really enjoy is the angrier/grittier style that Dylan Belpanno presents with his vocals.  It matches perfectly with the new sound.  The song ends with an instrumental that starts positive and upbeat and leads into a dark, ominous sound.  This is the perfect transition into Science Fiction, the second track on the EP.  Dino Skatepark went heavier than ever before with this track and I love it!  The 35 second intro is insane!  All I can see is mosh pits being opened up every time they play this song.  Dino Skatepark goes through the remainder of the song with the same level on intensity as the intro.  The breakdown-esque style of the instrumentals during the last minute of the song is going to have people going wild.  I can’t wait to watch them perform this song live!

    Patchwork” continues on with Highway Home, a song that the Pop Punk/Ska fans will fall in love with.  In addition to the instrumentals that will have everyone dancing their asses off, the lyrics will have everyone singing along.  This is a song that almost everyone can relate to in some way.  “Driving down this open road, shaking off thoughts of growing old, the thoughts of never reaching my potential.  The thoughts of love, the thoughts of hate, the thoughts of trying to get laid.  The thoughts of instinct, the thoughts of pure survival.”  If you’ve never had a drive like this, you’re lying!  Dino Skatepark incorporates another instrumental outro on this song and I am all for it.  The retro video game sound leads perfectly into Patchwork.  Patchwork is the most fun song on the EP.  There’s a mix of Streelight Manifesto and Reel Big Fish influences on this track and I can’t get enough of it.  This song has all the qualities of becoming an instant hit; catchy instrumentals that will make you dance, lyrics that will resonate with you and have you singing at the top of your lungs, and some kick-ass bridges between verses.

    Dino Skatepark ends “Patchwork” with an acoustic version of East Quogue.  I thought the original was awesome, but this acoustic version blows it out of the water.  I really enjoy it because it is so different from anything the band has released.  It has a huge Dashboard Confessional vibe.  I know everyone will love it as much as I do!  

    Dino Skatepark has reached a whole new level in my eyes.  These guys put together one hell of an EP to prove that they are the real deal.  “Patchwork” should be on everyone’s playlist!  Make sure to keep up with Dino Skatepark’s social media, and check out music from the new EP on the blog’s Spotify playlist: After Hours Review!