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    Everyone has that one friend that always seems to have new music to show them every time you see them.  That friend that is always telling you about this up and coming band/artist that you just HAVE to check out.  This blog aims to put all of those bands/artists in one convenient place for you to browse through and build your extensive music catalog.

    I am that friend that is constantly telling his friends about a new band or artist that is sure to make it big; a musical act that deserves recognition.  All throughout my life, music has been an obsession.  Besides when I’m teaching (my day job), I don’t go more than 10 minutes or so without turning on music.  I’ve always been this way and always will.

    My goal is not to write about music that I do not think people will like.  If there is a musical act that I do not think will be well received, I will not write about them at all.  On this blog, you will only find posts about bands/artists that I would recommend to my friends.

    I am a firm believer that musical acts that display true talent, dedication and passion deserve all the recognition and exposure possible.  Through this blog, I will share with you the music that you are going to want to listen to!

    Daniel McAree -Founder